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Effective September 14, 2022 public documents filed using the Appellate Court E-Filing Application will be made available on a new document portal called "Appellate Court Public Document Portal" located at Public Case Search and Washington Courts Homepage. This portal requires the user to provide a complete Appellate case number and only allows searches for public case documents on a case-by-case look up. Public Appellate case documents made available on this website may include documents filed by a party of the case and documents issued by the Appellate Court. It should also be noted that not all documents filed with the Appellate Courts are available on this portal.

Not available on Appellate Court Web Access Portal:

  • Trial court record
    • Clerk's Papers
    • Exhibits
    • Administrative Record
    • Report of Proceedings (Verbatim, Narrative and Agreed Report of Proceedings)
  • Sealed Appellate case documents
  • Confidential and/or restricted Appellate case documents
  • Documents from Appellate cases filed before January 1, 2020
  • Documents that have not yet been accepted for filing by the Appellate court
    • Recently filed documents goes through a review process by the Appellate Clerk's Office. Until the review is complete, the document will not be available for viewing on the document portal.

Official court records can be obtained by contacting the offices of the Clerk of the Court for the Appellate Court in which the document was filed.

General Rule (GR) 31 provides that parties "shall not include, and if present shall redact" social security numbers, financial account numbers and driver's license numbers. As indicated in the rule, the responsibility for redacting the personal identifiers rests solely with counsel and the parties. The Clerk's Office does not review documents for compliance with the rule.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact AOC by clicking on this link Customer Help.

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