User Id Standards

A User ID:

  • Must be Unique - the User ID cannot already be in use

  • Must be between 7 to 15 characters in length

  • Must use only letters and numbers

  • Cannot contain any special characters:
    !, @, %, ^, &, *, =, ', ", -, _, +, =, <, [, ], {, }, |, `, ~, #, $, (, ), +, &, ?, /, \, etc.

Your User ID should be meaningful to you and easy for you to remember.

Note: Your chosen User ID is case sensitive and must always be entered in the correct case.

All Washington Appellate Court Portal Access will require you to enter your User ID.

WSBA Members:

If you are a member of the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), your bar number, along with your last name and email address, must be in our system and must match what you enter on the form. If your information is not in our system, or it does not match what you enter, then you will not be able to register until they do match. If your attempt to register fails because we do not have the correct information, please contact the WSBA to update your record and ask the WSBA to forward your info to the Administrative Office of the Courts.